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OhmBoy E Liquid

OhmBoy E-Liquid has been a best selling juice line at Vape Related since its release in 2019... These 5 fruity flavours has every fruity lover covered... From Green Apple, Cherry, Pineapple, Watermelon, Peach, Mango, Guava just to name a few of the profiles i get from these bad boys...  You need to try all of these E-Liquid Flavors so you can find your new fav juice...

Ohm Boy Mango Flavour Profile

Candy Mango with a tropical twist. Our take on this spectacular juice; a delicious mango with the after taste of an Aussie favourite ice block.  We can't name it but you know the one.. green and orange, named after a bad storm??? you with us?? Oh Yeah Baby.. its good!

OhmBoy Punch Flavour Profile

Lets take a quick trip to the tropics for a real fruit punch, start with pineapples and cherries as the base then add in a variety of banknote fruits to top it off. This is truly what a tropical fruit punch embodies

OhmBoy Headz Flavour Profile

Strawberry, Apple and Peach. Starts off with an amazing strawberry inhale followed by a sour green apple exhale… Oh, It’s not over yet. The peach blends with a hidden lemonade to create something that can only be labeled as God Liquid.

OhmBoy Melon Punch Flavour Profile

This will lift your spirit with a sweet watermelon punch vapour flavour. OhmBoy could throw one heck of a party if it makes a real punch that's half as good as the watermelon punch flavour of Melon Punch vape juice!

OhmBoy Tropical Flavour Profile

Tropical by OhmBoy OC will take you on a quick trip to the tropics with it’s exotic twist! A medley of island fruits that will quench your tastebuds from inhale to exhale.


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