Sad Boy

The Sad Boy 100ml E Juice range is dominating the baked dessert space. With amazing flavours such as Butter Cookie, Custard Cookie, Key Lime Cookie, Blueberry Jam Cookie, Shamrock Cookie (Choc Mint Cookie), Strawberry Jam Cookie, Unicorn Tears, Pumpkin Cookie.

Sad Boy Unicorn Tears 100ml

Fruit and Savoury

Sad Boy Unicorn Tears flavour profile comes down to each individual. This delicious, sweet juice will keep you guessing. A mix of deliciousness in ...

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Sad Boy Shamrock Cookie 100ml

Choc Mint Cookie

A golden buttery cookie, dipped into a delicious choc mint milkshake.


Sad Boy Blueberry Jam Cookie 100ml

Blueberry Jam and Cookie

Blueberry Jam with a golden buttery cookie.

Sad Boy Strawberry Jam Cookie 100ml

Sad Boy Strawberry Jam Cookie 100ml

Strawberry Jam Cookie

Sweet and Tart Strawberry Jam with a golden butter cookie exhale.


Sad Boy Custard Cookie 100ml

Creamy Custard and Cookie

Creamy baked cookies with a delicious creamy custard.


Sadboy Butter Cookie 100ml

Butter Cookie hint Lemon

Sweet, baked, golden buttery cookies wrapped up in light notes of buttery lemon.


Sad Boy Pumpkin Cookie 100ml

Pumpkin Cookie

Creamy, smooth pumpkin with the perfect amount of spice, with a soft cookie dough exhale.

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