Uwell Caliburn A2S Replacement Pods (4 Pack)


Uwell Caliburn A2S Replacement Pods are refillable, disposable pods with a 2ml eliquid capacity and have a clear body so you can see your e-liquid level. Uwell Caliburn A2S Pods are compatible with the Caliburn A2 pod system as well.  You will get the same great flavour and coil longevity as you would expect from any Uwell product.



  • UN2 Meshed-H 1.2 ohm
  • Cross-compatible with Caliburn A2 Pod System
  • Box of pods is labelled as Caliburn A2 Pods as opposed to A2S Pods. Check that the resistance is 1.2 ohm to determine if you have the right pods as A2 Pods are 0.9 ohm.


  • 4 x Uwell Caliburn A2S Pods

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