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Dual Alien - Signature Coils (26x2/36 3mm) 75-85Watts

Signature Coils

DUAL ALIEN Single Coil .34 Dual Coil .17 Awesome for all RTA’s and RDA’s. Ive created the dual Alien so people can enjoy the high wattage vaping at...

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best coils for mech mod;mechanical mod; best coils for purge mech mod; tri alien 100watts

Tri Alien - Signature Coils (26x3/36 3mm) 100Watts plus

Signature Coils

  TRI ALIEN The Tri Alien is for all the high wattage fans. These coils go awesome in your single mech tubes. The flavour and crackle from the Tri ...

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spaced fused clapton coils;best spaced fused clapton coils in australia; best 50-60 watt coils for rda;rta;rdta

Spaced Fused Clapton - Signature Coils (26x2/42 3mm) 50-60Watts

Signature Coils

  SPACED FUSED CLAPTON Great coil for lower wattage, while still producing great flavour. I personally run these coils at 50-60watts. Single Coil ....

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Ol' Mates Handcrafted Aussie Coils
from $10.50

Ol' Mates Handcrafted Aussie Coils


We are lucky enough to be one of the select few to stock these fantastic coils! If Butler likes them, they must be good! With the option of: FUSED ...

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Mesh coils for RDA OFRF Nex Mesh Australia, Brisbane.



OFRF NEXMESH Mesh Coil/Wire has changed the game! These coils are simply fantastic! Lightning fast, even heating from the uniform mesh weave, with ...

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hellvape grimm replacement coil, 3pack shown in packet
Sold out

BACK SOON! NEW Hellvape GRIMM Pod System Replacement Coils 0.7ohm | 1.2ohm


New Hellvape Grimm Pod Starter Kit system replacement coils.  0.7ohm mesh coil 1.2ohm regular coil The GRIMM pod system is a collaboration between ...

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