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Mixberries Blackcurrant by Kenji

Mixed Berries Blackcurrant + Cooling

Blackcurrant and Mixed Berries with the perfect amount of cooling.  60ml 70/30:VG/PG

strawberry lychee e juice; kenji e juice australia; malaysian juice australian stockist
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Strawberry Lychee by Kenji

Strawberry Lychee + Cooling

Plump Strawberries, Juicy Lychees and cooling 60ml 70/30:VG/PG

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Peach Lemonade by Kenji

Peach Lemonade + Cooling

Peaches and Icy Cold Lemonade.   60ml 70/30:VG/PG

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Mango and Blackcurrant by Kenji

Mango Blackcurrrant + Cooling

Authentic sweet, ripe Mango and fresh Blackcurrant with an icy cold exhale.  60ml 70/30:VG/PG

Mango Tropica by Kenji Australia; Best Malaysian juice;
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Mango Tropica by Kenji

Mango Tropical Fruits + Cooling

Fresh ripe Mango and Tropical Fruits with an icy cold exhale.  60ml 70/30:VG/PG

Grape Apple Kenji E Juice Australia; Brisbane Vape Related. Malaysian juice Australia. Best malaysian juice.

Grape Apple by Kenji

Grape Apple + Cooling

Candy Grape and Apples with a cool exhale. 60ml 70/30:VG/PG

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Orange Citrus by Kenji

Orange Citrus + Cooling

Florida Oranges with undertones of Citrus. Refreshing, sharp, fruity kick with a hint of cooling.   60ml 70/30:VG/PG

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