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Lets go back to old school E-Liquid flavours...  Back when you could actually get the different flavour notes from the inhale and exhale.  With CRAFTD E-Liquid you will get just that on every E-Liquid flavour we bring out.  This E-Juice line in manufactured in our beautiful county Australia, crafted with the best quality ingredients and completely bottled and packed in an ISO7000 clean room.

We will get the ball rolling with 3 amazing e-liquid flavours:

CRAFTD - Grape Soda:  The most juicy, tangy purple grapes with a sprinkle of sour sherbet and topped off with a beautiful sweet purple soda...  CRAFTD Grape Soda e-liquid flavour will become a fav to so many people!!

CRAFTD - Let's Go: Lets start with a succulent yet tangy Granny Smith green apple, chuck some crushed sweet strawberries in the mix, a couple of thinly sliced peaches and top it off with a light lemonade soda... This is my personal fav and i created this one for me.  This is a def must try!!!

CRAFTD - Cola: Think back to the old school way of Coca Cola...  You get your cola syrup in the glass, grab the soda water, mix and you're good to go...  Now lets chuck a few cola bottle lollies in the mix, and you have CRAFTD Cola...  One of the best cola e-liquids on the market!!!

Keep an eye out on CRAFTD E-Liquids as we will be releasing new e-juices very frequently...  Next up might or might not be a Dr Pepper.... shhh

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