Horizon Tech Falcon Resin Artisan Edition

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Standout Subohm Atomiser!!!! RESIN ARTISAN EDITION

HorizonTech Falcon Sub Ohm Tank Resin Artisan Edition, is not just all about looks. An upgrade with 3 Bottom airflow holes and included coils are the M1 and M3. The Falcon is still in our opinion the closet you will get in flavour to a rebuildable atomiser. With the option of 5ml/7ml e liquid capacity and supporting both standard and mesh coils this atomiser is a must try. Features a top filling system and bottom airflow control.


Liquid Capacity: 5 - 7ml
Glass Tube Diameter: 28mm
Excircle Diameter: 25.2mm
Tank Length: 55mm
Falcon M1 and M3 Coils
Liquid guiding element:
70% cotton + 30% wood pulp
Natural flax fibre Flax fibre & flax paper
30% wood pulp + 70% cotton
Both standard coil and mesh coil

Package Includes:
1 x Falcon Tank with Bulb Glass (7ml)
1 x Set of O-Ring
1 x Resin Drip Tip
1 x Extra M1 Coil
1 x Extra Glass Tube(5ml)



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