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So you are new to vaping and probably extremely confused...

The first two things you need to decide, do you want a MTL (mouth to lung) or DTL (direct to lung) Vape.

Do you want a Built in Battery (rechargeable through your device). Or External Battery (A vape battery is used in your device and removed for external charging through a battery charger.


MTL: Is when the vapor produced is inhaled to your mouth and then taken back to your lung (similar to a cigarette)

DTL: Is a quick inhale direct to the lung.

For most people when starting out, a MTL is an ideal choice. However after some time, you may feel as though you want something a little bit more powerful and will upgrade to a DTL. Some people will comfortably go straight to a DTL, This is also more the case when other 'hobbies/activities' are performed in your spare time.


Built in Battery

PRO'S: A built in battery is very simple. You can charge it through any USB port, in your car, office, computer etc. A built in battery definitely has its place and is a common go to, for first time vapers. 

CON's: Depending on how high the wattage is on your device, you may not get all day out of your battery. This is not always an issue as you can easily charge it through the day. However, if you are wanting to vape at a much higher wattage. An external battery device may be best for you.

External Battery

PRO's: Great battery life! If you have spare batteries you can easily carry them with you and swap them out. Much better for your mod, because you are not charging through your device, the wear and tear on your chip is much less. Well looked after batteries can last a while. We have had some batteries last 1-2 years. A simple re wrap and they are good to go.

CON's: Cost, on top of your starter kit/mod you will also need to purchase batteries. However they are a great investment. You will need to keep an eye on your battery wraps as battery safety is extremely important. Even if you are using a regulated mod, it is still extremely important to ensure that your batteries are in a safe condition for operation. 


The first question I would ask you is 'Are you planning on using Nicotine?'. If you are going to use Nicotine any juice is suitable. We have some fantastic tobacco flavoured juices that have proven to be very useful when making the transition from smoking to vaping. Nicotine will give you the hit on the throat that you get from a cigarette.

It is important to be careful and stay vigilant with your nicotine. It is also important to check the laws in your state regarding the possession of Nicotine. Please be aware that it is currently ILLEGAL for any person/business to sell/gift another person Nicotine in liquid form. Please see below the diagram for safe mixing of Nicotine into your juice. 

If you are not wanting to use Nicotine a great tip is to find a juice with cooling/menthol in it.  If you are already smoking menthol cigarettes you may find this transition very simple. The cooling/menthol in the juice will give you a hit on the back of the throat, similar to the sensation from a cigarette.

The reason people cough when vaping is mainly from three things, Nicotine is too high or No Nicotine is in the juice and you are chasing a throat hit that does not come, meaning you inhale to much vapor and begin to cough. The cooling/menthol in the juice will assist with this and allow you to get a throat hit without using Nicotine. The third is inhaling to slowly, try inhaling faster and see how you go. 


Okay, so now you can go and check out our Starter Kit section and select DTL or MTL. From there you can decide if you want Built in Battery or External battery. Lastly will be your juice. Use the filters to narrow down the flavour profiles.

And remember, this transition is a journey. Some people are successful in doing it overnight. However for others, it is a slow process that consists of slowly cutting down.  That is also fantastic! Every cigarette you are not having, is a step in the right direction to a healthier you!