Levels Collection E Juice is now available in Australia! This epic USA brand has blown our senses and taste buds away. With 6 flavours to choose from; Bliss, Legendary, Prestige, Big Hit, Relentless and Triumph. Flavours such as; banana nut bread, watermelon candy, tropical wild mango, berry, grape and sherbet apple. With a large 120ml e liquid for a small price of $31.90, you will not be disapointed!
triumph e liquid levels collections; cheap grape e juice 120ml

Triumph by Levels Collection 120ml


  Grape Juice - This Grape E liquid is complex and punched with flavour.  70/30:VG/PG 120ML USA

levels collection bliss e juice australia; bliss by levels collection australian stockist
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Bliss by Levels Collection 120ml

Watermelon + Gummy Candy

Soft, Squishy Gummy Candy with sweet Watermelon 70/30:VG/PG 120ML USA

relentless by levels collection berry e juice; cheap 120ml e juice

Relentless by Levels Collection 120ml

Berry Explosion

Disgusting, Gastronomically delicious Berry juice.  Wow, how is that for a description. That one comes straight from the juice makers. But, in all ...

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levels big hit e juice australia; cheap 120ml e juice; big hit levels juice australia stockist

Big Hit by Levels Collection 120ml

Sherbet+Green Apple

Sherbet and Green Apples. A tangy, delicious combination that keeps your taste buds tingling and satisfied.  70/30:VG/PG 120ML USA

Prestige levels collection australia; levels collection e juice australia; mango citrus flavour e juice e liquid

Prestige by Levels Collection 120ml

Tropical Mango + Citrus

Tropical Wild Mangoes with a hint of citrus grapefruit. This epic e juice is a delicious all day vape.  70/30:VG/PG 120ML USA

nut banana bread e juice; legendary e juice australia; cheap 120ml e juice

Legendary by Levels Collection 120ml

Banana Nut Bread

Banana Nut Bread. You know that delicious Banana Bread from the coffee shop with Nuts throughout or sprinkled along the crust? Yep, That is what th...

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