OhmBoy E Liquid | Brand New line from Anarchist creator

Ohm Boy E liquid is available now in Australia. The same creator of Anarchist has managed to take flavour profiles to the next level. With Ohm Boy you can expect punchy, fruity flavours with no issue of your coils getting clogged. Ohm Boy comes in four delicious flavours. Mango, Punch, Headz and Melon Punch.

Ohm Boy Mango Flavour Profile

Candy Mango with a tropical twist. Our take on this spectacular juice; a delicious mango with the after taste of an Aussie favourite ice block.  We can't name it but you know the one.. green and orange, named after a bad storm??? you with us?? Oh Yeah Baby.. its good!

OhmBoy Punch Flavour Profile

A true blend of a delicous tropical punch. With key note flavours of Pineapple and Cherry blended with Tropical Fruits to perfection. 

OhmBoy Headz Flavour Profile

Strawberry, Apple and Peach with a blend of lemonade.

OhmBoy Melon Punch Flavour Profile

Tropical Punch with an array of melon fruits


Ohm Boy E Liquid will quickly become a household name. It is hands down the best juice line for 2020.  Get in contact for wholesale orders within Australia.

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